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13 March 2023

You can now duplicate posts directly in your Publishing dashboard, just click on the right button next to your post you want to duplicate.

Web App
17 January 2023

You can now write a post and publish it for later.

To be able to do that, just set any date in the future and publish the post (not draft).

The post will automatically be visible in your feed on the specified date.

Web App
10 January 2023

You can now upload your transcript file directly in the FeedPress podcast post form.

Web App
16 September 2022

You can now customise the URL of your podcast post (usually displayed as "Episode Website" in Apple Podcasts etc.).

You can also specify a transcript file URL for every episode.

25 August 2022

You can now send yourself a newsletter to your email address, to test your fancy custom template update.

Web App
8 July 2022

If you're publishing your podcast entries directly via the FeedPress dashboard, you are now able to edit the Episode ID that will be present in the XML feed. It's useful in some cases like when it's used by a third party app to identify your episodes.

Web App
23 December 2021

When you upload a picture in the podcast post editor, the uploaded picture will be seen as the episode thumbnail by podcast clients like Spotify.

Feeds delivery
13 October 2021

We experienced a worldwide network outage that made FeedPress unavailable between 6:00 and 7:00 UTC.

The downtime was due to a worldwide outage by our hosting provider (OVH). Apparently due to human error that has been fixed.

More details here: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=53798&

Bug Fixes
4 August 2021

We fixed an issue that could occur when you tried to synchronise your Dropbox account to your FeedPress account.

Web App
24 June 2021

We've seen a change of feed hits by Apple since the last Apple Podcasts updates, leading to a decrease of subscribers count on this client (you can see it as well in your feed dashboard by clicking on the Podcasts clients menu item).

It appears that since the last update of Apple Podcasts the client app (which fetches the RSS feed) doesn't refresh as often as before, therefore you can see an important drop. Currently we're showing you a 7-day sum of unique hits but maybe it's not the most relevant figure anymore.

What we will do is spread the 7-day unique subscribers count to 30 days in order to have a better overview of infrequent clients. We could also look at integrating unique downloading IP addresses as subscribers, but that would work only if you have download tracking enabled on FeedPress.

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